About Board&Dice crew

Young, creative, very intelligent and with a lot of cool ideas. We are working with Manuel since Spiel2015 and we are enjoying this time. Our cooperation goes beyond this game, and we’re planning the next projects (different games) together, so this alone shows how we appreciate this cooperation and Manuel’s way of thinking, working and our relationship. Besides that, he is as crazy as we are ;)

Board&Dice Publishing, or as we like to call ourselves the BaD Team, is mostly just three geeks fully dedicated to games, we publish only what we love.
Board games are not only an idea for business to us, they are mainly a passion, that enables us to develop personally and explore our limitations in several areas at the same time. Since we are a small publishing venture we have the privilege to publish only the games that we find interesting and that drive our inner geeks.

To put it short—we can publish games that fascinate us. Just like it was with the Beer Empire or Dice Brewing which reflected our love for brewing, it’s also the case with Exoplanets which reflected our huge interest in the cosmos, the typical area of “science” or mechanisms governing the universe. And of course Multiuniversum was just as cool and we loved the mechanics and had crazy idea for a theme.
You should also know that it isn’t our first Crowdfunding campaign. We have carried out a successful campaign for Exoplanets on Kickstarter, but also an international campaign for The Curse of The Black Dice game held on a Polish crowdfunding portal. We’ve got experience in carrying out international projects, so we can assure you, that the games will reach your hands without delays.
We are fully invested in every title we publish, not only in terms of promotion or production, but we also support authors in the optimization and perfection of their ideas.

The staff Board&Dice consists of three positively crazed individuals. BaD crew core is:

We’re three geeks from Poland with heads full of ideas for compelling and out of the ordinary games. 
In our team you can also find two great guys, who are doing for us all those beautiful arts and layouts.



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